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About writing About Nick

This is the most difficult page I've had to write... Thinking about how people will perceive it, will the humor come through, or should I make it serious if I want to be taken as such. Instead of thinking I'll write what comes to mind. Period.

The Start

I've started photography in the late 90s, with an old hand me down Canon TLb. It was a very limited camera, perfect to learn. At first, it was a way to relax while studying. When I couldn't cram more into my head, I'd grab the camera and a tripod rented at the photo club, and would go on to take pictures of the University fountains. Taking those long exposures around the running water was calming. Calculating the parameters of those long exposures with a 100% manual camera was good practice to understand the basics about exposure and all. I didn't get better at composition, but learned all the basics about stops, and got my mind off studies long enough to come back and study.

The Middle

Jump a few years. Schools over. Bought a Canon Elan7E. Used it in a few trips, and back home. I was getting better but the price of negatives was slowing down the process. Then life got busy. Got my first digital camera, a Canon S2 IS. Enough to start having fun in a digital way, but this is no reflex.

The New Beginning

Then a friend sold his old Canon Rebel. It didn't take long that was hooked again. I took many pictures, night, long exposures, etc. I learned whatever I could. I learned. I improved. The photo bug is getting worse (or better?) as time goes by. I opened a flickr account to try and share some of my work, and see what others did also. I learned from other peoples picture, and learned from their comments.

Of This Site!

I then decided I needed a better home in the web. A place to share all my images...

Of Being Technical

Having a background in Software Engineering, I tend to feel interested around any technical aspect of photography; HDR, Panoramic, Infrared, Night Photography. Whenever I encounter something new, I want to try it.

Of Reaching me!

Drop me a line. nick atnickpelletier dotcom