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Chocolat Favoris - Quebec City

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Paranoia from people with camera

This was a first. After eating some chocolate covered ice cream, I took some pictures of the building. It took only 2 min before somebody came quickly to see me saying that it is forbidden to take pictures, and went back inside. I was surprised and somewhat stunned. I decided to ask questions; went back inside and asked to see the manager. After a few moments, he was more relaxed and allowed me to take pictures. The reason they are so paranoid is because of other places spying, pictures of inside, equipment and such. Said I understood.

Fact is, I understand they don't want spying. But I think people are not paranoid about the right thing. Cell phones of people inside buying ice cream is more likely to get information than me taking time to compose outside.

Still, it was a nice learning experience.

Chocolat Favoris - Quebec City

Even with this event, they still make some extremely good chocolate. Their chocolate covered ice cream is exquisite.

And the biggest problem is that they now opened a new one a few blocks from home. Oh well!