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All images on this web site are released under a Creative Common License.

Creative Common Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

In short, it means you may take the image and use it for free as long as:

  • You properly attribute the image to Nick Pelletier and\or link back to this site.
  • You only use it in a non commercial manner/environment.
  • If you use it for derivative work, you do release your work with the same license.

You can:

  • Print the image for your own home.
  • Use it for as an image in your personal blog, and link back to this site.

You can't:

  • Print the image and use it in a commercial place.
  • Print it in a magazine.
  • Use it in your website where you are trying to sell something (even if unrelated to the picture).
  • Mash up the images and sell the resulting image.
  • Use it in your blog and act as if it was yours.

If you want to do anything in the you can't list, then contact me, and we'll see what sort of arrangement we can have, and how much it would cost.

If you have a situation, and you are not sure which way it goes (can or can't), send an e-mail. Don't hesitate.

nick atnickpelletier dotcom